Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thanks Brother

Hey Brother,
I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the best teachers that I have had in a long time and im am sure I am speaking on behalf of the whole class. Thank you again and have a great time in Pittsburgh.

Peace and Love,
Rob Gill

311: Brodels

The goal is to be a poet and a carpenter
To be one who loves to be one who works


T.Houchins said...

I deffitnly have to agree with Rob on that. you may not have been able to tell duriong class with my lack of saying to much but, i wanted to say that you deffitnyl are one of the best teachers i have had. and that i really looked foward to goin to english class everyday as odd as that may seem, but i just wanted to say thanks and that you will be greatly missed

Peace out
T. Houchins

Phil said...

I'll agree with Rob and Tyler than you were one of my best teachers ever and I always enjoyed English more than any of my other classes. I went into this class not thinking much of my own writing skills and never liked English. Now though I have a better appreciation of words and literature and am taking creative writing next year. Thanks for also reinforcing my love of indie music by showing me Pitchfork. I'll miss talking about music. Good luck wherever you go teaching.


MC-Devitt said...

Before this year i hated English and it was my weakest subject. You really mixed it up and mad it enjoyable. Now i can look forward to my future english classes and approach them from a new angle. Thank you.

Alex Drost said...

you were my fvaorite english teacher ever and made literature more fun for me. As one of my favorite teachers ever, i want to wish you luck in Pittsburgh and say that you will be missed at La Salle. Thank you for my trip recommendation and the two weeks there were some of the best weeks i have ever had. Thanks you for a fantastic year and have fun in Pittsburgh.