Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer time and the livin's easy...

My Brodels,

It has been some time since our last online meeting. I hope you are all well.

I'm in Pittsburgh now, soon to jump into another new school year with a whole new group of freaks like yourselves. The school is called Central Catholic. It is the only all boys Catholic high school in Pittsburgh. Check it:

Otherwise, I am just checking in to see how your respective summer breaks went. Mine was eventful, for sure. Went to a theology conference in June, hosted by an organization of which I am a part. It is the International Thomas Merton Society, formed to foster scholarship on one of America's renown social critics and theologians (now deceased).

Sounds like fun, right? It was!!!

A highlight was seeing Rage Against the Machine in New York as part of a day long hip-hop festival called Rock the Bells.

In July, meanwhile, I schooled it. Took a course on Literary Criticism. Very dry, but it helped me with refining my writing skills, which is a lifelong process, for sure.

Otherwise, know that you guys have been in my thoughts and prayers.

Best to you as everything gets underway at La Salle.

As per usual: Tell your parents and/or guardians you love them, stay off drugs, and be safe.



Rlonergan said...

I have to say, I definitely wasn't expecting to see "check tha bloggg" when I got onto my email, but it was a pleasant surprise. I'm glad to hear that your summer was enjoyable, Brother.

It also feels weird replying to one of these blog posts without a specific goal in mind and without worrying about how my sentence structure and grade will turn out. My summer was not very busy, no large vacations this far, but we will be going to Disney World next week before school starts. We also took a short trip to Ocean City after school ended, but that was cut even shorter because of a family emergency.

So, Brother Rob, I wish you luck in your new school; keep us updated!
To everyone else: See you soon, have a nice end of summer.

Pat Monteith said...

haha i must say i completely agree with ryan..i was not expecting it at all.
With that said understand that i too have had you on my mind somewhat, i was thinking about writing a letter to you myself but i didnt really know what to say that might not sound to cliche of a typical summer (nothing, vaction, nothing, vactation, followed by nothing...o ya with summer work inbetween somewhere) but anyway great to hear from. I know it might be hard to do but i hope you keep in-touch with us more and also im glad to hear your summer was great(this seems to look like one of my papers, i know, different endings to topics that were addressed in different sentences, you'll have to excuse me i'm still kind of in shock from getting this from you, thoughts jumbled). Well Brother Rob i hope u have an amazing time in Pitt. and once again i really hope you keep in touch
With all the luck in the world to you,

B-Hilz said...

Hey Brother , sounds like you had a busy summer. A good friend of mine also went to the concert and said it was amazing. I myself have become a fan of RATM throught my sophmore year.
My summer was also busy , I got my first job bagging at a grocery store and also stayed in Sea Isle City , N.J, for 2 weeks with my extended family ,and also have been reading for school and fun as well as getting some help for math.
I hope you have a great time in Pitt. A friend of mine from school is from there and two of my cousing attend college at Pitt. and they all tell me great things about the city.
Again have fun ,and thank you for everything you taught us this year , i will be sure to use it through my academic carrear and beyond. Be sure to keep in touch and enjoy Pittsburg.
-Brendan Hilsey

Chris Thiers said...

Hey brother. It's nice to hear from you. My summer's been kind of clogged. I went to England early August and that was fun. I won 20 bucks from my aunt for correctly stating that Robert Longfellow was the only American poet buried in Poet's Corner in Westminster Abbey and finding his grave in there (thanks to your lesson on him). I also went to Florida. Apart from that not much. I almost passed out on a plane from dehydration, that was cool. Anyway I have to finish five summer essays now. Have fun in Pittsburgh. See you later.