Sunday, November 12, 2006

Freedom Ahead...


The great Southern novelist, Eudora Welty, once said that "freedom ahead is what each story promises."

I hope this much is the same for you as everything we read in and outside of class is an invitation, given to you by the author, to enter into your deepest self--that piece of you that too often goes unheard during the course of the school day.

And so this act of searching on your part thus becomes an act of liberation--a means for connecting with the truth that lies inside of you. It's there and waiting to be released by the power of the written and spoken word. You are your vehicles for your own freedom--the freedom of thought and the freedom of expression.

With this online blog, I invite you to share your deeper insights regarding the texts we read throughout the course of our time together this year.

I have purposely titled our blog community: "The Black, White, n' Read: A Forum on American Lit." Because not only do we read on the literal level--that is, to understand the "black and white" of the text--but also to discover the hidden messages, the figurative and symbolic, by way of interpretation--that is, by what we "read" in between the "black and white" lines of the text.

The power and freedom is yours...

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